Tooling and equipment used for second-hand concrete formwork

Tanha Poulad Co. to attract customer satisfaction, in addition to products, has provided special services for supply of second-hand concrete formwork equipment required by customers. In this regard, a brief description

Modular molds:

Modular molds are offered in various sizes. The surface of these molds is steel plate with thickness of mm 3 and  its edges is either double bend or punched belts of the sheet 5mm with height of 5cm (edge 5) and 6cm (edge 6). To increase load bearing of panels against coming loads, stiffener belt with the plate of 4mm is used.

Length 100cm ,150cm ,200cm 

Dimension: 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm

Modular corners: Modular corners are used to connect adjacent panels.

External corners: these corners are used to cover surface of concrete in angles of work and generally are available in the following dimensions:

2.5*2.5 ، 5*5 ،10*5 ، 10*10  ….

Internal corners: these corners are used to connecting two adjacent molds in inner sections such as walls and columns, wall to wall and …. Internal corners are provided in the following dimensions:

10*10 ، 15*10 ، 15*15 …

Round molds:

To implementation of circular columns (round section), two semicircular mold is used that are connected by a wedge and pin or clip. Semicircle size should be chosen to suit the diameter of the column.


For vertical buttress in wall mold, dubbed Chute section named soldier is used. Soldiers are produced in size of half a meter to three meters. Steel plates are located above and below the soldier that four holes are embedded in them to increase their height with the bolts provided.