Scaffold Hammer star
Scaffold Hammer star
This type of scaffold is composed of vertical bases and horizontal harnessing of different sizes. The bases of these scaffolds are produced with lengths 5/0 m, 1 m, 5/1 m, 2 m, 5/2 m and 3 m and by placing reglable jackhead on upper and reglable jack base on the bottom of scaffold, they become adjustable for both height and level difference. Mounting horizontal harnessing on the basis of scaffold is possible easily with the hammer and scaffold bases connection to each other are made by pin.
Benefits of using hammer scaffolds are as follows:
A - Ease and speed of opening and closing, and no need for a wrench to close the connection.
B – expansible in plan and height without restriction.
C – No need for harnessing at high height.
D – applicable in scaffolding of buildings frontage or refinery installations and ….
E – High load bearing in alachigh concrete slabs
F - No need for scaffolding skilled labor and assembly by unskilled labor.
G - Ease of handling and transfer due to lightweight components.
H - For use in alachigh non-coplanar and arc ceilings