Triangular modular scaffolding
Triangular modular scaffolding

Triangular modular scaffold
This type of scaffold are composed of triangular frames that are connected to each other in form of male and female and are used in alachigh slab or beam as well as bridges. The frame of this type of scaffold are produced at a height of 50 cm, 75 cm and 1 m that by placing a reglable jackhead at the top of the scaffold can be adjusted to any height. Triangular scaffold can be assembled with square section with dimensions 120 x 120 cm or triangular with sides 120 cm. This type of scaffold due to the ease of performing is the most common type of scaffold in running high ceilings.
The advantages of using a triangular scaffolds are as follows
A - ease and speed of opening and closing, and no need for a wrench to close the connection.
B – high load bearing in alachigh concrete slabs due to having constant diagonal members.
C - No need for a skilled labor and assembly by unskilled labor.