For performing any types of roof including block joist, concrete deck, style, Yonolit and they must be stored temporarily. Roof Jack also known as metal jack, telescopic Jack and metal candle are made in various sizes; 35 m, 4 m, 4.5 m and 5 m that are with different loading based on the minimum height (when closed) and maximum height (when open) and the thickness and diameter of the pipes. also via the nut embedded in the middle of each jack, the possibility of adjusting the desired height between the maximum and minimum height in each one are provided. To adjust the height of roof jack, spring bearing pin placed in jack holes are used. For convenience in different work situations, we can use variety of jack heads such as T-shaped or U-shaped that can be made in both fixed and moving. In fixed type, jack head is welding on jacks.
roof Jack Profile
the inner tube of these jacks has the diameter of 5 cm and the outer tube has the diameter of 6 cm and the thickness of both tube sheets in light jacks is 2 mm and in heavy jacks is2.5 mm